Darthreider a.k.a. Rei Wordup(Vo)、オータコージ(Dr)、勝原大策(Ba)、Dub Master X(PA) によるファンク・ロック・バンド。自由奔放なドラムとベースがリズムを叩き出し、片目の眼帯MCが縦横無尽に歌い、全ての音が空間を激しく揺るがす。未体験ゾーンのカッコいい音楽を鳴らす唯一無二のバンドだ。全曲Dub Master X録音(Red Bull Studios Tokyo)&Mixのアルバム”5years”およびライブ盤配信中。2018年度から新ドラマーにオータコージ(曽我部恵一バンド、口ロロ)が加入、更に自由度を増してトベる!


Darthreider a.k.a. Rei Wordup(Vo)
Koji Ota (Dr)
Daisaku Katsuhara (Ba)
Dub Master X(PA)

The concept is the groove, the rhythm, the beat.
How low can the bass go?
How wild can the drum get?
And the mic responds!
Space is the place. In their Ju-Jutsu Uniform, the band catches the tail of the funky amd slams it on the floor!

Darthreider, born in Paris, grew up in London.
He suffered from cerebral infarction and lost his left eye vision. Now he wears hls original eyepatch as his trademark. As a HIPHO MC, he played an important role in changing the nondancing law in Japan. He attended night ambassadors summits held in Berlin, Amsterdam, Brussels and Tel A viv on behalf of the Japanese club culture conference.
He is the anchorman of News Rap Japan, a popular news show and wellknown for his interests in social and cultural mutters.

Ota is a very popular drummer in the Japanese music scene. He played in newyork, Beijing, Taipei.
Every beat has emotion and he extract the power of the rhythm to the fullest.

Katsuhara, the silent man is the real sureshot. Keeping the groove and punches mind out of the frame.

3songs, all recorded live, only drum, bass, and the voice. The theme is the funk and you can have it hard!
5years in based on Darthreider’s own experience.
Live on!
recorded by Dub Master X, the band’s forth member who is Japan’s most reliable PA.